Helpful Hints

Tips for Recycling Used Coffee Grounds

Did you know your FP Coffee Maker™ French press can provide more than just a perfect pot of coffee? Before you throw away your used coffee grounds, read the tips iStock_000073295743_Mediumbelow to discover the many ways you can repurpose them.

    • Scrub away stubborn food on pots and pans. A few teaspoonfuls of coffee grounds on a cleaning rag can be used as a scouring agent to cut through baked-on grease. Coffee grounds are abrasive, but not so much so that they will damage the surface of your cookware. Be careful not to use coffee grounds to clean ceramic or other porous or cracked surfaces that can stain easily.
    • Unclog drains. In a bowl, mix three drops of liquid dish soap into used coffee grounds and pour the mixture into your sink drain. Pour a pot of boiling water into the drain to help wash the soap and grounds through and clear built-up grease.
    • Deodorize your refrigerator. Use coffee grounds instead of baking soda to absorb food odors. Put used grounds into a small open container and place it in the back of the fridge or freezer. Replace after about two weeks.
    • Protect your garden. Sprinkle used coffee grounds around the garden to repel insects that threaten to destroy your plants.
    • Feed your Plants. Coffee grounds are acidic, which makes them a good fertilizer ingredient for azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias, and roses. Mix the coffee grounds with gardening lime to make a well-balanced fertilizer for acid-loving plants. As an added benefit, coffee grounds attract earthworms that loosen the soil as they burrow through it, which allows air and water to seep in to encourage root growth.
    • Give your hair a boost. Remove residue left by hair products and restore your hair’s healthy shine! Before shampooing, work a handful of used coffee grounds into your hair. Rinse coffee grounds out and shampoo as usual. Repeat once a week.
    • Exfoliate your skin. Mix used coffee grounds with some all-natural coconut oil and use the mixture as a body scrub. Rinse away and enjoy smooth, luxurious skin.